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Shocks, Struts & Coil-Overs

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Proma Star Coil-Over Struts | 1979-2014 Ford Mustang

QA1 Proma Star Coilover Strut kits are the ultimate performance suspension upgrade for any Fox Body, SN95, or S197 Mustang owner. Ideal for both street and race applications, thanks to custom-tailored spring rate and strut valving packages which achieve the ultimate level of ride and performance. The lightweight inverted strut design, adjustable ride height and valving bring out the best possible performance, handling, and stance.

Proma Star Coil-Over Struts | 1982-1992 GM F-Body

These new Proma Star coilover strut kits are custom-fit for your 82-92 3rd Gen Camaro or Firebird, providing the ultimate level of ride and performance for both street and race applications. The lightweight inverted strut design, adjustable ride height, and valving give you the best possible handling and stance.

Stock Mount Shocks & Struts

When coil-overs aren't an option, you can still get premium valving with QA1's stock mount shocks and struts. The foundation of your suspension system, shocks are the key to ride quality and performance.

Stock Mount Coil-Over Systems

Dialing in that perfect stance has never been easier. QA1's Pro Coil systems provide both ride height and valving adjustment. Whether you spend time cruising or racing, we have a solution that's just right for you.

Custom Mount Coil-Over Shocks

The #1 choice for custom suspension systems, these shocks are available in several lengths and valving options. They fit almost any situation, making it easy for you to hit the road or nearest racetrack.

Mustang II Coil-Over Shocks

Whether you have a classic Mustang II or a swapped front end, these bolt-in coil-overs are a great way to achieve the look, ride and performance you want. 

MOD Series Shocks

The MOD Series shock was designed with one goal in mind: to make you go faster! Designed for the highest-performing drag racing or pro-touring cars, interchangeable valve packs allow you to adapt to any track, any condition, anywhere.

Weld-In Coil-Over Systems

QA1's custom mount rear coil-over conversion system is available in double adjustable, single adjustable and ride sensitive valving options and a variety of spring rates. Great for any hot rod, pro-street, street rod or drag car.

Heavy Duty Pro Rear Coil-over Conversion Systems

QA1's Heavy Duty Pro Rear Systems are the perfect solution to add coilovers to your car or truck. Designed for any vehicle with a 1700-2600 lbs. rear axle weight, this kit includes all the necessary hardware and bracketry for a seamless installation.  The system includes single, double, or MOD series coil-over shocks in a variety of spring rates suited for bigger body cars, trucks, or handling intensive applications.