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QA1’s Dodge D100 Gets Massive Suspension Upgrades

An easy life in California wine country, roaming the hills and vineyards. A slow-paced existence filled with beautiful scenery, wine barrels and temperate climates.

While it may sound like we’re talking about a semi-retired winery owner in Sonoma, we’re actually describing the former life of QA1’s 1969 Dodge D100 pickup: Project Corkscrew.

QA1 Dodge D100 Development Truck

Plucked from obscurity, the D100 now known as Corkscrew lived out the first 50 years of its well-loved life as a work truck at a vineyard in Northern California. Powered by a 2-Barrel 318 backed by a three-speed automatic, the rig was a pretty ritzy unit in its heyday. You can tell by the factory power steering (five turns lock-to-lock) and the hand-striped green and gray accents that streak down the sweptline’s iconic bedside.

In early 2021, the Dodge D100 ventured north to trade its booze-barrel history for an exciting future at QA1. Gone was the lumbering ride courtesy of four-wheel leaf spring suspension. Out with that loosey goosey steering box. Away with that sky-high ride height that was at home in the furrows of a field. The little 14” pizza cutters were rolled aside.

So if it’s out with the old, what’s the new? Corkscrew’s old-school setup was replaced with a true independent front suspension, complete with powered rack-and-pinion steering. Five lock-to-lock turns quickly became 2.5 twists of the D100's wheel.

The front ride height was dropped by 6” courtesy of a tubular front suspension and double-adjustable QA1 coil-overs. That trip down the elevator incorporated MUCH-needed geometry updates, including additional caster for straight line stability and increased camber adjustability for sharper cornering characteristics. The adjustable shock valving also allows for a huge range of ride quality adjustments, helping the QA1 team dial in ideal street settings and quickly transform the truck into track mode with the twist of a few knobs.

QA1 Dodge D100 Coil-Over Suspension Upgrade

To say these changes brought about a night-and-day difference is a massive understatement. The Dodge D100 went from a straight-up hammer to a Swiss army knife that’s at home in any setting – from snapping necks during casual cruises down main street to spirited back-roads driving and runs through the cones.

The QA1 team is excited to put the D100 through even more paces in the future. In the meantime, check out the video series detailing the truck’s transformation from the first drive and teardown to the install process of QA1's front coil-over conversion kit.

Project Corkscrew Specs

Truck: 1969 Dodge D100
Engine: Stock 2 barrel 318
Transmission: 3 speed automatic
Front suspension: QA1 coil-over conversion system with double-adjustable shocks
Rear suspension: Stock straight axle with modified flip kit and double-adjustable QA1 shocks
Wheels: Rocket Racing Attack Wheels
Front: 20x10, 6.00” Backspacing
Rear: 20x10, 5.00” Backspacing
Tire size: 295/40/20 front/rear
Front Brakes: 13” Wilwood disc brakes with 6 piston calipers
Rear Brakes: 12" Wilwood disc brakes with 4 piston calipers

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