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5Q Series Steel Twin Tube Circle Track Shocks

QA1’s rebuildable twin tube shocks offer the performance, consistency and tunability racers demand. Great for both dirt track and asphalt cars when drivers want the best feel for the track.

6Q Series Aluminum Twin Tube Circle Track Shocks

Formerly known as 60 and 62 series shocks, the 6Q series is an aluminum large body shock. They are perfect for dirt and asphalt applications when drivers want the most feel for the track.

7Q Series Steel Twin Tube Small Body Circle Track Shocks

Formerly known as 70 series shocks, the 7Q series is a small body bearing mount shock. Racers can choose from 6” and 7” bodies depending on rules and applications.

8Q Series Aluminum Twin Tube Small Body Circle Track Shocks

Formerly known as the 82 Series, 8Q shocks offer all the performance of QA1’s proven large body shocks in a compact package. The smaller outside diameter makes it a great option for lightweight classes or applications where clearance is an issue.

16 Series Aluminum Threaded Body Monotube Shock

QA1 16 Series Aluminum monotube shock absorbers feature a hard anodized 6061 aluminum threaded body.

26 Series Steel Monotube Shock

Available with Schrader valve, hyperscrew or sealed hyperscrew (IMCA legal), this one-piece, steel bodied monotube is the lowest priced, best performing shock in its class.

27 Series Stock Mount Monotube Shock

QA1's 27 Series bolt-in, monotube shocks come in all popular stock mount options, making them a great choice for all classes that require a stock mount shock.

63 Series Sealed Aluminum Threaded Twin Tube Shock

The 63 series is a sealed non-rebuildable version of the 62 series. It features a lightweight aluminum, threaded, one-piece body twin tube shock that will provide late model and modified drivers plenty of grip and feel on average to dry-slick dirt and asphalt tracks where traction is limited.

Circle Track Q Series Dry Shock Six Packs

QA1 now offers packs of “dry” shocks. They include the components for six circle shocks and offer a cost-effective way to build custom valvings.