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DIY Suspension Parts

2 1/2" I.D. Powder Coated Springs

Manufactured from specially designed high-tensile, chrome silicon alloy spring wire, these springs have fewer coils and a smaller wire diameter, allowing them to reduce unsprung weight and react faster, optimizing suspension performance.

Jam Nuts

Jam nuts are usually half the width of a standard nut and are commonly jammed up against standard nuts, rod ends, or linkage tubes to lock the two into place.


Spacers are used in applications when mounting brackets are wider than the rod end ball width. High misalignment spacers are available for when more articulation is needed.

Tube Adapters

An effective way to adapt rod ends to a variety of applications, QA1's weld-in tube adapters are CNC machined to precise tolerances from weldable chromoly steel. Select sizes include an integrated hex. 

Custom 4-Link Hardware Kits

This custom 4-link kit complements the Pro-Rear Systems to complete a rear back half upgrade for most custom applications.

Mounting Tabs

QA1 offers a quality line of tabs for mounting shocks and other miscellaneous accessories.

X Series

Endura Style (Self-Sealing Race) • Alloy/Chromoly Steel • Inch & Metric Sizing

Good for: high-load suspension applications, such as control arms, panhard bars, street/drag 4-link rods, circle track trailing arms and pullbars.

Custom Mount Coil-Over Shocks

The #1 choice for custom suspension systems, these shocks are available in several lengths and valving options. They fit almost any situation, making it easy for you to hit the road or nearest racetrack.

Mustang II Coil-Over Shocks

Whether you have a classic Mustang II or a swapped front end, these bolt-in coil-overs are a great way to achieve the look, ride and performance you want. 

Weld-In Coil-Over Systems

QA1's custom mount rear coil-over conversion system is available in double adjustable, single adjustable and ride sensitive valving options and a variety of spring rates. Great for any hot rod, pro-street, street rod or drag car.