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Mopar Coil-Over Conversion Systems

Mopar Handling Full-Vehicle Suspension Kits

Upgrade all four corners of your classic A, B or E Body Mopar with kits that front and rear coil-over suspension systems.

Mopar Drag Racing Full-Vehicle Suspension Kits

Upgrade your car's suspension to fine-tune launches and gain more straight line stability to get down the strip faster than ever.

Mopar Front Coil-Over Conversion System

Transform your classic Mopar into a restomod that drives, corners and launches like a modern machine. Our coil-over conversion system helps you achieve the perfect stance and performance level while improving everyday drivability.

Mopar Rear Coil-Over Conversion System

Upgrade your classic Mopar A, B or E body car to a triangulated four link design with coil-overs. You'll gain better launches, more tunability and an easy way to adjust your ride height. 

Sway Bars for Mopar Coil-Over Conversion Systems

Add a sway bar to your front or rear QA1 Mopar Coil-Over Conversion System. It's a quick way to further upgrade your car, reducing body roll during hard launches and cornering.

Mopar Coil-Over Conversion System Engine Mounts

Find the right engine mounts for your Mopar Coil-Over Conversion system, whether you're retaining your original powerplant or swapping in a Gen 3 Hemi.