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Noise-Free Operation - Which Rod Ends Provide the Best Results?

We have all used equipment that does nothing but squeak and rattle. Those little noises, while seemingly insignificant, can greatly impact a customer’s impression of your brand’s overall quality standards – something that is often uncovered only through satisfaction surveys. In this article, we will explore rod ends with a specific focus on noise-free operation and explain how you can achieve greatly reduced noise from your equipment.

The way to eliminate unwanted noise, restore confidence in your brand, and improve customer satisfaction is to address what causes those squeaks and rattles. Typically, the issue is metal hitting or rubbing other metal when the project is in motion. In rod ends, this occurs when the ball and the race are both metal and aren’t separated in any way, so a simple solution is to use rod ends that aren’t metal-to-metal.

QA1 has a long history servicing these exact needs and has solutions no matter the application. For noise-free operation, QA1 recommends our injection molded rod ends (our N Series) for most applications. For heavy-duty or high-impact applications, we would recommend the QA1 loader slot design (our Endura rod ends – A Series, EX Series, or X Series, depending on the material).

The key to their noise-free operation is liners that help keep the rod end quiet. These liners isolate the ball from the race. Selecting between the two comes down to strength and misalignment considerations, which will be based on your unique application needs.

Selecting rod ends for an application requires looking at a lot of factors. With nearly 30 years of experience, QA1 can make sure you select the correct rod ends for your unique application. If you need something even more specific than what we offer, we can look at custom design and production as well.

With a wide selection, on-hand inventory, and commitment to quality, as well as design and manufacturing capabilities, we are confident in our ability to service your specific needs.

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