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How To Order a Custom Driveshaft

While other carbon fiber driveshafts are often made by cutting a universal pre-made tube to length, QA1’s driveshafts are engineered specifically for each vehicle and applications. We design and model each driveshaft in-house to meet very specific performance goals. We are able to customize the tube length, wall thickness and pattern, enabling us to manufacture a driveshafts specific to your vehicle and use.

To order a custom driveshaft, complete the order form with information about your vehicle. Since we are able to design a carbon fiber driveshaft specifically to your vehicle and use, we do ask for more information from you than other companies. We take everything in to account when designing a custom driveshaft to make sure it is the perfect fit for you and designed with the appropriate strength, critical speed and durability.

Here’s an overview of the information that is needed:

  • Vehicle data (year, make, model, weight, estimated max MPH)
  • Engine specifications (make, engine displacement, horsepower, torque, max RPM)
  • Driveline information (transmission, high and low gear ratios, number of splines on output shaft, rear differential gear ratio, rear tire size, current driveshaft O.D., min distance to exhaust)
  • U-joint and slip yoke
  • Driveshaft measurements

Submit the order form to an authorized QA1 dealer or directly to QA1 at Our engineering department will review the order form, contact you with any questions and provide a recommendation based on the information supplied.