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Case Study: Developing Coil-Over Shock Absorbers For Football Tackle Sleds

Motor sports, power While you’d expect our products to be more at home on the street or racetrack than the gridiron, we also developed a new coil-over shock solution to complement a national tackle sled manufacturer’s existing product design.

What our partner needed

Our partner had worked with another manufacturer for years. However, their vendor no longer supported the shock that fit their tackle sleds. While it may sound like a one-size-fits-all application, the shocks, in combination with the proper spring rate, require a very specific valving to provide the right feel for players while fitting within the correct dimensions, compressed/extended lengths and shock travel.

How QA1 helped

In this instance, we had the opportunity to test the clients existing product to define a baseline. Our engineering team dynoed the client’s previous shock to understand the necessary valving characteristics. They also tested the spring to find the appropriate weight to pair with the shock. After rounds of internal testing, we developed a prototype that could be put into action on the field. We collaborated with the client to further refine the design and improve upon the previous shock option.

Getting in the game

While our partner ultimately desired a more economical production option for the updated QA1 design to meet their financial targets, they needed a stop gap to ensure they would not experience any manufacturing slowdowns. Our team was able to manufacture a short run in-house while working with overseas partners to get production of the new part up and running. This ensured our client would not experience any delays while we vetted the new parts from our supplier.

 Over the goal line

Once all the logistics were put in place, we managed the manufacturing of lower-cost products through a trusted outside vendor. This helped meet our client’s needs and high expectations while staying within their budget. The highly collaborative partnership allowed QA1 to develop a clear understanding of our client’s needs while working within tight timelines to meet important deadlines.

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