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Mower Decks - Do You Have the Correct Rod Ends?

Mower Decks - Do You Have the Correct Rod Ends?

When designing and manufacturing mowers, are you using the correct rod ends for the mower deck? Rod ends are often overlooked, but it is important to choose the correct one as it results in less downtime, lower maintenance costs, and a better overall user experience. Below, we will specifically look at a mower deck and detail which rod ends you should focus on.

Not every rod end is created equal. Just as you select different tires for different applications, the correct rod end will ensure long-life and trouble-free operation. The four different rod ends QA1 makes are loader slot rod ends, 2-piece rod ends, 3-piece rod ends and injection molded rod ends. When selecting the correct rod ends for mower decks, you need something that is strong, yet smooth enough to provide bind-free operation for a consistent cut. 

Out of the different choices, QA1 recommends an injected molded rod end; specifically, our “N-Series” rod end. These rod ends feature a nylon self-lubricating, reinforced race compound designed to provide low friction, low moisture absorbing properties for high wear resistance. They are also protective coated for corrosion resistance.

This unique design does not require ongoing maintenance or greasing as other rod ends do. This results in a better user experience over the life of the rod end. Another benefit would be bind free operation of the mower deck. With the unique self-lubricating properties, the mower deck can move freely over imperfect surfaces resulting in a more consistent cut.

Selecting rod ends for an application can have many considerations. With QA1’s nearly 30-years of experience, we can assist in making sure the correct rod ends are selected for your unique application. And if we do not offer a rod end currently that meets your requirements, we can look at custom design and production as well.

With the widest selection, on-hand inventory, and commitment to quality, as well as design and manufacturing capabilities, we are confident in our ability to service your specific needs.

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