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Control Arms & Other Tubular Components

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Complement your shock upgrade with our expansive line of bolt-on performance suspension components. They are the perfect option when replacing worn-out, rusty factory components on your chassis.

Control Arms

These tubular upper and lower control arms are the key to fixing your outdated front end geometry. Eliminate the wandering feel by improving your straight-line stability and increase cornering capabilities with caster/camber angles tailored to today's wider wheels and tires.

Sway Bars

Tubular sway bars are the easiest bolt-on upgrade to reduce body roll, keeping your tires firmly planted on the road when under hard cornering.

K-Members & Braces

Replace your heavy, bulky crossmember with our tubular K-members. They are an ideal solution to not only shed weight but also gain significant room in the engine bay for increased exhaust clearance.

Dynamic Strut Bars

Your Mopar will get an instant improvement in performance with QA1's Dynamic Strut Bars.

Trailing Arms

Upper and lower versions in boxed, tubular, and heavy-duty adjustable options.

Panhard Bars

Panhard bars resist unwanted flex and twisting, keeping the axle properly located under the chassis for improved cornering and driveability.

Anti-Hop Bars

QA1 Rear Anti-Hop Bars relocate the upper trailing arms to change the instant center of the rear suspension.

Bump Steer Kits

QA1's Bump Steer Kits feature QA1's premium chromoly steel, heat treated, self-sealing and self-lubricating X series rod ends and an aluminum anodized adjusting sleeve.

Camber Bolt Adjusters

QA1's Mopar Eccentric Camber Bolt Adjusters allow for easy alignment changes.

Frame Supports

Tubular braces and adjustable rear frame supports both improve ride and handling characteristics.