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Control Arms & Other Tubular Components

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Complement your shock upgrade with our expansive line of bolt-on performance suspension components. They are the perfect option when replacing worn-out, rusty factory components on your chassis.

Rear Toe Links

The QA1 Adjustable Rear Toe Links for the 10-11 Chevy Camaro help keep the tires planted firmly on the ground and pointed in the right direction to improve handling performance.

Sway Bars

Tubular sway bars are the easiest bolt-on upgrade to reduce body roll, keeping your tires firmly planted on the road when under hard cornering.

Tie Rod Sleeves

QA1's Heavy Duty Tie Rod Sleeves are manufactured from solid steel hex stock then zinc plated for durable good looks and corrosion resistance.

Torque Arms

QA1's Torque Arms feature strong tubular construction and a graphite/polyurethane front bushing to reduce wheel-hop caused by excessive flex under hard accelerations and cornering.

Torsion Bar Adjusters

These Torsion Bar Adjusters are stock replacements and work well with factory or QA1 lower control arms.

Trailing Arms

Upper and lower versions in boxed, tubular, and heavy-duty adjustable options.

Trailing Arm and Truck Arm Relocation Brackets

QA1's Trailing Arm Relocation Brackets lower the mounting point of the rear trailing arms.

Transmission Crossmembers

QA1's tubular transmission crossmembers are designed with QA1's Mustang K-member to make engine swapping simple and easy.

Classic GM Control Arms

These tubular control arms are the key in fixing your outdated front end geometry. Eliminate the wandering feel and improve your straight-line and cornering ability with increased caster/camber angles better suited for today's wider wheels and tires.