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C10 Suspension: A Comparison Guide

Upgrade Your C10 Suspension:
A Comparison Guide to QA1's Coil-Over Conversion Systems

If you're looking to upgrade your C10's suspension system, coil-over conversions are a great option. With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. QA1 offers two main types of coil-over conversion systems for C10's, and we'll break down the differences between them so you can make an informed decision.

QA1 offers two coil-over conversion systems for C10's - one designed for the stock crossmember and a fully engineered tubular crossmember system. Both systems offer adjustable ride height, ride quality, improved performance, and geometry updates, bringing your truck's suspension up-to-date. Upgrading to a coil-over conversion system is an excellent way to lower your truck to a perfect stance, and both kits provide this option.


The heart of both kits is the shocks, which provide adjustable valving for superior ride and performance. The stock crossmember coil-over kit can give you up to 6" of drop with popular drop spindles. The tubular crossmember coil-over kit, on the other hand, allows you to go up to 2" lower with drop spindles. This was accomplished by raising then entire suspension 2" into the chassis, providing a total of 8" of drop. At the full drop, you will need to think about added clearance in and around the inner fenders. Aftermarket options, like Slosh Tubz is an excellent product that provides plenty of clearance at these lowered heights.

Both kits also offer improved geometry. The stock crossmember system provides 7 degrees of caster, helping the truck drive and track better, more like a modern car. The tubular front crossmember system provides similar geometry benefits but also centers the wheel back in the wheel well - something you start to notice when the truck gets lower to the ground.

The stock crossmember system was designed for use with a factory steering box. While there are quick ratio boxes out there, you will still have the steering box on the outside of the frame rail. The tubular crossmember, however, converts you to a rack and pinion, further improving the feel with modern tight steering and a great turning radius.

Other things the tubular crossmember does include reducing the front-end weight by 140 lbs, while freeing up a tremendous amount of space, making it easier to work on. The modular engine mounts allow for any configuration of SBC, BBC, and LS engine swaps. QA1 even offers a DIY kit if you want to do something custom or place the engine in a different location.

What is the retrofit kit?

If you already have one of QA1's conversion systems for the factory crossmember, you're in luck. QA1 made it easy to convert over to the tubular crossmember system with their retrofit kits. Whichever system you choose will be great, as both offer a perfect lowered stance, great ride quality and performance, and are upgradable over the years. It's a perfect system to grow as your truck evolves.

With QA1's coil-over conversion systems, you can't go wrong in upgrading your C10's suspension. If you're ready to get started, check out our How to Install C10 Front Suspension Systems article next.