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Outdoor Power Equipment & Farm Machinery

QA1 can help you design, develop  manufacturers in the outdoor power equipment and agriculture machinery industries.

Our long-time involvement in motorsports has subjected our products to some of the world's most demanding environments. Decades of experience gives us the knowledge to collaborate with OEM partners and develop solutions that meet unique challenges. This includes important factors like noise, maintenance and durability. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities, engineering resources and sourcing options provide high-quality, cost effective components and assemblies.

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QA1 Mower Products

Since QA1's inception, we have collaborated with power equipment manufacturers. We can design entire motion control and suspension subassemblies or simply source individual components to suit your unique needs. 

QA1 Farm Equipment Products

We work with a wide range of agricultrual companies. We've contributed subassemblies and individual parts to tractors, harvesters, implements and more. All while working within partners' specs and cost requirements.

Our products and motion control systems have been used in:

  • Various lawn mowers, including ride-on and zero turn
  • Heavy equipment
  • Seeders, tractors, cultivators and other ag machinery
  • Implements and attachments
  • Landscaping equipment


Why Mowers with Shock Absorbers Provide A Smoother Cut

A lot goes into cutting the perfect lawn, but one sometimes overlooked item is the incorporation of shock absorbers and damping units. See why both are widely used on larger home and commercial mowers to improve results. 

Mower Decks: Do You Have the Correct Rod Ends?

It is very important to choose the correct rod end for your application. They result in less downtime, lower maintenance costs and a better overall user experience. We will specifically look at mower decks and detail which rod ends you should focus on when developing your product.


Our diverse product line helps us provide ideal solutions. We have off-the-shelf options and can develop custom components in-house. This gives us the ability to prototype components quickly, or provide a stop gap while sourcing long-term options that meet your cost requirements and QA1's quality standards.

Rod Ends For Power Equipment and Farm Machinery
Shock Absorbers For Power Equipment and Farm Machinery
Motion Control Systems For Power Equipment and Farm Machinery
Carbon Fiber Tubing for Outdoor Equipment
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