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Finding The Right Shock Setup For Your Application

Key Takeaways:

QA1 designed a custom coil-over shock solution for an autonomous ATV that required durability, compactness, and cost-effectiveness.

The development process was streamlined through modifying an existing design to meet the customer requirements.

Collaborative efforts expanded the project scope to encompass the entire subframe, consolidating vendors and improving the client's in-house assembly efficiency.


A client approached QA1 seeking a coil-over shock solution for an autonomous ATV that required durability for rough terrains, a compact design, and cost-effectiveness. The challenge was to design a custom solution that met these unique demands, including custom shock valving for diverse terrains, all within the confines of the compact vehicle.


Building upon an existing QA1 shock streamlined the development process by leveraging a proven design and manufacturing framework. The design was custom-tailored to the client's specifications, focusing on modifying the overall stroke, length, and valving. A custom coil-over spring was also designed to fit within the limited space. After completing the physical shock and spring, the QA1 Engineering team collaborated with the client to refine the overall design, testing various combinations of valving and spring rates to perfect it. Through this process, the team identified opportunities to enhance the suspension assembly as a whole.

This led to the development of a complete sub-assembly, including the shock, upper and lower control arms, and a custom mounting plate. The new design simplified the build, improved efficiency, and offered potential cost savings. QA1's design and engineering process ensured the subassembly met the client's specifications, combining cost-effectiveness and quality.


After internal and external testing, QA1 provided the partner with a complete suspension sub-assembly. The client experienced significant benefit through various avenues:

Coordination between multiple vendors was reduced.

The streamlined design minimized material costs.

Utilizing off-the-shelf components decreased production times and costs.

The bolt-on system saved assembly time and labor costs.

Additionally, the design modifications made during the process allowed the client to leverage this assembly in several similar vehicles, addressing different demands. The successful collaboration between QA1 and the client not only met the initial challenge but also opened opportunities for future design modifications and applications.

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