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Rod Ends & Ball Joints

Rod Ends & Ball Joints

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Rod Ends

Find the perfect rod end for any automotive application, including control arms, panhard bars, 4-link rods, trailing arms, torque arms, alternator brackets and clutch linkages.

Spherical Bearings

Choose from a wide variety of automotive spherical bearings, including self-lubricated options in materials like bearing steel and carbon steel.

Racing Ball Joints

Explore press-in, bolt-in and screw-in ball joints for muscle cars, hot rods and classic trucks. QA1 ball joints are 100% owner-rebuildable and feature a self-lubricating design.

Ball Joint Linkages

These versatile parts are good for throttle and shifter linkages, as well as low-force mechanical applications like carburetor or fuel injection linkages.

Linkage Adjusters

Easily adjust rod end length in your vehicle with linkage rods or linkage adjusters in male-to-male or male-to-female configurations.

Jam Nuts, Tube Adapters & More

Versatile linkages for your muscle car, hot rod or drag racing vehicle, including clevises, spacers and steel and aluminum jam nuts.