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Challenger REV™ Series Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

Challenger REV™ Series Carbon Fiber Driveshafts
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QA1 15-18 Challenger REV™ Series Carbon Fiber Driveshafts
The Construction of QA1 Carbon Fiber Driveshafts
Product Description

These bolt-in REV™ Series carbon fiber driveshafts are designed and wound specifically for Challenger R/T, 392, Scat Pack, and SRT Hellcat (manual transmission) models with up to 1500 HP and a max rated torque of 1000 lb*ft. They feature the same high quality materials and benefits as the rest of our REV™ Series driveshafts and are available for the following applications:

  • 2015-2018 Challenger R/T, Automatic
  • 2015-2018 Challenger R/T, Manual
  • 2015-2018 Challenger 392, Automatic
  • 2015-2018 Challenger 392, Manual
  • 2015-2018 Challenger Scat Pack, Automatic
  • 2015-2018 Challenger Scat Pack, Manual
  • 2015-2018 Challenger SRT Hellcat, Manual

QA1's Challenger driveshafts feature Spicer Life Series 1350 U-joints, and utilize a high speed CV joint with a high speed sealing boot and high temp grease. This high speed capability allows us to minimize effects of NVH while increasing performance. They also offer a 27% weight savings over stock two-piece driveshafts, while their 3.3" diameter tube provides better clearance for exhaust systems.

What makes QA1's driveshaft the best?

  • A truly engineered system from transmission to rear end
  • Extended transmission and differential life
  • Quicker acceleration
  • More power to the ground
  • NVH testing helps minimize driveline vibrations
  • Balanced as an assembly without the use of welded or bonded weights, ensuring a precise and more reliable balance  
  • Lighter and stronger than steel, aluminum, and other carbon fiber driveshafts
  • Safer than steel and aluminum driveshafts
  • Proudly wound in-house using 3M™ Matrix Resin in QA1's Lakeville, Minnesota facility

NOTE: Challenger driveshafts are designed for stock vehicles. Any modifications can affect fitment. Please refer to the length specifications from the tube end to the CV joint shown in Table 1 in the installation guide to confirm that the driveshaft will have the correct fitment for your vehicle.