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Jam Nuts, Tube Adapters & More


QA1 offers a vast variety of clevises to fit your needs, including carbon steel, chrome plated and aluminum clevises.

Jam Nuts

Jam nuts are usually half the width of a standard nut and are commonly jammed up against standard nuts, rod ends, or linkage tubes to lock the two into place.


Spacers are used in applications when mounting brackets are wider than the rod end ball width. High misalignment spacers are available for when more articulation is needed.

Swaged Tubes

Swaged tubes are used in a variety of applications such as 4-link rods, tie rods and other various linkages. They feature a deep knurl for easy length adjustment.

Tube Adapters

An effective way to adapt rod ends to a variety of applications, QA1's weld-in tube adapters are CNC machined to precise tolerances from weldable chromoly steel. Select sizes include an integrated hex. 

Weld-On Wrench Hexes

QA1's weld-on wrench hexes can be used in place of a hex-style tube adapter. Simply use smooth style tube adapters and slip the weld-on wrench hex over the tube. Weld it to the tube where it is most convenient for easy adjustment.