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Optimizing motion control efficiency, cost and performance

Originally, our client was looking for a coil-over shock that would fit their vehicle’s existing suspension system. In the end, QA1 ended up completely re-designing the suspension subassembly to improve performance while reducing costs.

What our partner needed

The client approached QA1 about custom coil-over shock options. The design had to be reliable, cost-effective and easily serviced to meet the unique demands that would be put on the vehicle. This included custom shock valving that would be appropriate for the wide range of terrains in which the vehicle would be used. It also had to fit in a very compact package.

After reviewing the vehicle’s existing motion control system, our team identified areas that could be improved. We examined the suspension more in depth with the partner, eventually prototyping an entire sub-assembly for them. The new design greatly simplified the build to improve manufacturability and reduce the amount of material used, ultimately cutting down on costs without sacrificing quality.

How QA1 helped

We started by developing a custom shock based on one of our compact circle track designs. After tailoring the valving to the client’s application, we paired it with a custom coil-over spring that fit within the tight confines of their system while providing a very specific spring rate.

After building the correct coil-over for their application, our team worked hand-in-hand with the client to refine the overall design. We ensured it met their specifications and requirements, from both a cost and quality standpoint. The updated system consisted of upper and lower control arms and a new mount that can simply be bolted on to their existing chassis. This further reduces costs by allowing them to attach the system quickly and easily, cutting down on assembly time.

From the drawing board to production

Once prototypes were developed, we underwent both internal and external testing. QA1’s iterative process helped further improve the design while the client provided feedback from the field. From there, we developed proprietary tooling to begin creating parts at scale.

Along the way, we found opportunities to capitalize on our areas of expertise and cost efficiencies. By incorporating off-the-shelf QA1 components—including bushings, rod ends and a number of raw materials—we were able to drastically reduce client costs and production times.

In the end, we were able to provide our partner with a complete suspension sub assembly. This allowed them to cut down on coordination between multiple vendors. We were also able to incorporate specific components from the client’s existing partners, working tried-and-true solutions into the new suspension system.

How can we help you?

We’re always excited to help partners with new products and continuous improvement initiatives alike—whether you need to design an entire industrial suspension system or are simply seeking a solution that fits within your current configuration. Fill out the form below to get in touch with our team and see how we can help you find, develop or produce the right product for your needs and budget.

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