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Personal Mobility Components & Manufacturing

From initial prototypes to last-mile transportation, we can help.

We work with personal mobility manufacturers across many different applications, terrains and price points. We've provided components for everything from mobility chairs that help people accomplish everyday tasks to specialized compact vehicles. Our team can collaborate with you to find off-the-shelf solutions or develop parts specifically for your product.

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QA1 Mobility Chair Components

Mobility is often the key to personal freedom. We're proud to partner with brands who make this ability possible for their customers. We can work with you to provide shocks, rod ends, linkages and more.

QA1 Personal Urban Mobility Components

From commutes to last-mile delivery solutions, small personal vehicles now play a pivotal role in urban life. We work with manufacturers to provide quality components that stand up to a variety of settings and uses.

We offer a wide range of products and can help develop motion control solutions, including:

  • On- and off-road suspension systems
  • Shock absorbers and coil-over shocks
  • Throttle, clutch and other linkages
  • Tubular components and swaged tubes
  • Ball joints, radius rods and various suspension parts


Optimizing Suspension Cost and PerformanceMotion Control Case Study

Originally, our client was looking for a coil-over shock that would fit their vehicle’s existing suspension system. In the end, QA1 helped them completely re-design a suspension subassembly to improve performance while reducing manufacuring and labor costs.

When to Consider Self-Lubricating, Greaseable or Metal to Metal Rod Ends Rod Ends and Linkage Case Study

Load ratings often get most of the attention when selecting rod ends. But rod end design and lubrication properties should be factored into product selection for optimal performance in your application.


Our diverse product line helps us provide ideal solutions. We have off-the-shelf options and can develop custom components in-house. This gives us the ability to prototype components quickly, or provide a stop gap while sourcing long-term options that meet your cost requirements and QA1's quality standards.

Rod Ends For Personal Mobility
Shock Absorbers For Personal Mobility
Motion Control Systems For Personal Mobility Chairs
Carbon Fiber Tubing for Personal Mobility
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