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Upgrading Your Monte Carlo Suspension in Stages

4 Stages of Updating Your Monte Carlo Suspension

If you are a proud owner of a classic Monte Carlo and want to improve its performance, starting with upgrading your suspension is a smart choice. This can help keep your car in great condition and enhance your driving experience. The good news is that there are affordable upgrades that have been tested and proven to deliver impressive results. Here are some suspension upgrades you should consider to get the most value for your money:


By upgrading your shocks, you can improve your suspension's control and fine-tune your car's ride quality and performance to your preference. Adjustable shocks provide versatility for both street and track driving. It's a good idea to upgrade to coil-overs to save money and avoid buying multiple sets of shocks in the future. Consider QA1 Pro Coil coil-over shocks, which allow you to adjust your ride height and valving for optimal ride quality and performance. With the added ability to customize your car's stance, this upgrade can provide instant gratification.

Sway Bars:

Swapping out sway bars is a simple bolt-on upgrade that significantly improves the feel of your car. It offers better handling and flatter cornering, and allows you to run a softer spring rate without sacrificing performance.

Control Arms:

Upgraded control arms provide modern geometry, which improves performance and drivability. They offer more caster for straight line stability and modern drivability, and more aggressive camber curves for better handling. They also provide weight savings, as they are much lighter and stronger than stock stamped steel designs.

Trailing Arms:

Tubular trailing arms provide strength and weight savings over stock stamped steel trailing arms. They can also be adjusted to modify or correct pinion angle as needed.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, upgrading your suspension can make a significant difference in the performance and drivability of your classic Monte Carlo. Consider the above upgrades for improved handling, comfort, or both. QA1 is a helpful company that offers these upgrades and more, so feel free to contact their tech line with any questions about your specific car. Check out their social media and YouTube channels or visit for more information. Happy upgrading!