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Control Arms

Control Arms
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QA1 Control Arms
Product Description

QA1 Control Arms are offered for GM, Ford, and Mopar applications

GM Control Arms

QA1 Control Arm 2.0 was designed to be the lightest, strongest, and best-looking control arms available for your ride. Uniquely engineered with key features optimized for either street performance, pro-touring, or drag race vehicles, these American-Made control arms will ride better, corner harder and launch faster than anything you’ve experienced in the past. 

In addition to improved geometry, each configuration has unique features to optimize performance for the intended use.

  • Street Performance Control Arms: Polyurethane bushings isolate road noise for a smooth ride while simultaneously reducing bind for improved handling. Long-term strength and durability come from QA1’s maintenance-free ball joints which come pre-installed in every arm. 
  • Pro-Touring Control Arms: QA1 low-friction ball joints have 1” longer upper ball joint studs to improve camber gain and overall cornering grip. Ultra-low-friction composite bushings eliminate flex and deliver bind-free movement.
  • Drag Race Control Arms: Off the line, racers can tune launch characteristics with an adjustable droop stop. QA1 low-friction ball joints and ultra-low-friction composite bushings improve weight transfer with bind-free movement.

Ford Mustang Control Arms

QA1’s Ford Mustang control arms are an easy-to-install solution for increased strength and reduced front end weight. Saving over 15lbs. per set, these control arms are an ideal solution for your Mustang.  

Offered in two configurations, QA1’s Ford Mustang control arms are optimized for your intended use.

  • Street: QA1’s street control arms are engineered for performance. Great on vehicles primarily used for cruising and the street. They use a factory replacement ball joint for serviceability and polyurethane bushings for a smooth ride and reduced suspension bind.
  • Race: QA1’s race control arms are designed for drag racing, pro-touring and autocross applications. They’re equipped with QA1’s exclusive X-Series Chromoly rod ends and low friction ball joints. This gives you a wide range of wheel alignment settings while reducing friction.

Mopar Control Arms

QA1’s Mopar control arms are a great solution for updated handling and driveability. These control arms easily bolt into the factory location and include everything you need for a hassle-free installation. 

  • Upper Control Arms: Designed to be significantly stronger and lighter than stamped steel control arms. Built with 3 degrees of additional caster, drivability is much improved with better straight-line stability. New polyurethane bushings are comfortable, offer bind-free operation and are greaseable for long service life. New ball joints come pre-installed to make your installation experience a breeze.  
  • Lower Control Arms: QA1’s Mopar lower control arms are a perfect solution for upgraded control arms that maintain provisions for your torsion bar suspension. This unique tubular design comes with new pivot bushings for bind-free operation and are powder-coated black for long-lasting good looks.