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16 Series Aluminum Threaded Body Monotube Shock

16 Series Aluminum Threaded Body Monotube Shock
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QA1 16 Series Shock
Product Description

The 16 Series shock is a threaded large body shock that is built to last at an affordable price. Adjust your gas pressure on-the-fly with the Schrader valve to help adapt to changing track conditions. Featuring a hard anodized 6061 aluminum threaded body that provides excellent corrosion resistance and superior hardness, this shock is designed to be a top performer for years. The 16 Series is a great shock for late models. Works best on rough, heavy and average dirt race tracks as well as bumpy asphalt tracks.

  • 2” O.D. hard anodized aluminum threaded monotube body
  • Linear or digressive valving available
  • Schrader valve to easily adjust your gas pressure on the fly
  • Deflective disc valving
  • Non-fading
  • Racer rebuildable and revalveable
  • Custom valving available
  • 100% dyno tested
  • Made in the USA

Linear, Digressive and Linear Digressive Valving Available
Digressive is the classic monotube shock feel. Linear provides a more stable car and allows the driver to feel the car better. Linear Digressive is an excellent choice when maximum rebound force is needed for big, low speed, tie-down applications.

Additional Piston Options
QA1 also offers the new Hi-Lo piston as an additional accessory. The Hi-Lo piston features kidney shaped ports on one face and round ports on the other, allowing the piston to be flipped to create a softer curve on one side coupled with a stiffer curve on the other side. Contact QA1 at 952-985-5675 for more information.

Stroke Compressed Length Extended Length
7" 13.15" 20.18"
9" 15.15" 24.18"