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26 Series Steel Monotube Shock

26 Series Steel Monotube Shock
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QA1 26 Series Shock
Product Description

Circle Track Monotube Shock Absorber

The 26 Series shock is designed to be a rock-solid monotube shock that shines on both dirt and asphalt tracks. The zinc-plated body provides excellent corrosion resistance and consistency. With a variety of piston and valving options available, the 26 Series can handle extreme compression and rebound forces for both dirt and asphalt tracks.

This shock is a popular choice for modifieds, late models, superstocks and various other classes. Works best on rough tracks and as an easy-up shock on many dirt cars, and on bumpy asphalt tracks in all banking types.

  • 2" O.D. zinc plated steel monotube body
  • Available with Hyperscrew, Sealed Hyperscrew (IMCA Legal) or Schrader Valve
  • Deflective disc valving
  • Linear, digressive and linear/digressive valving available
  • Uses a premium proprietary blend of specially engineered oil to prevent fade
  • 46mm piston allows for maximum car control at all shaft velocities
  • 15mm centerless ground, hard chrome plated piston rod eliminates piston rod flex, increasing valving consistency
  • Damping curve allows for complete control of suspension at low shaft speeds without creating extreme forces at high shaft velocities
  • Can be run in any orientation with no change in rate
  • Replaceable 1/2" I.D. bearings
  • Racer rebuildable and revalveable for unparalleled repeatability
  • Custom valving available
  • 100% dyno tested
  • Made in the USA

Hyperscrew vs. Sealed Hyperscrew (IMCA legal) vs. Schrader Valve

Hyperscrew (26 Series)
The hyperscrew equipped shocks have a threaded round port near the bearing end of the shock body. This hole is then sealed with a small screw that has an o-ring built into it, sealing the nitrogen gas pressure inside the shock.

Sealed Hyperscrew (26A Series)
The gas pressure of these shocks is only adjustable by QA1 and QA1 Authorized Rebuilders per sanctioning body, like IMCA, and track rules.

Schrader Valve (26V Series)
With a Schrader valve you can easily adjust your gas pressure. Much like adding air to your car tires, the Schrader valve allows you to make "on the fly" gas pressure adjustments between heat races and features to adjust for varying track conditions.

Stroke Compressed Length Extended Length
7" 13.70" 20.70"
9" 15.70" 24.70"