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Stock Mount Coil-Over Systems

Stock Mount Coil-Over Systems
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QA1 Coil-Overs
Product Description

Coil-Over Systems

Dialing in that perfect stance has never been easier. QA1's Pro Coil systems provide both ride height and valving adjustment. Whether you spend time cruising or racing, we have a solution that's just right for you.

Our coil-over shocks are a great option for anyone looking for fully adjustable ride height and valving control. 

  • On-the-car adjustable valving makes it easy to dial in your desired level of comfort and performance.
  • Adjustable shocks have 18 clicks of compression and rebound adjustment.
  • Easy, bolt-in installation with stock control arms or QA1 tubular control arms.
  • 100% dyno tested and serialized.
  • Made in the USA.

This Product is eligible for a FREE Limited Lifetime Warranty. Learn more HERE.

Which shock is right for me?

Cruising - Non-Adjustable
Handling - Single Adjustable
Casual Drag Racing - Single Adjustable "R" Series (front only; not intended for street use)
Autocross and Drag Race - Double Adjustable
Pro-Touring and Drag Race - MOD Series (front only)

Which spring rate do I need?

Your ideal spring rates are determined based on vehicle weight, which should take into account any modifications that have been made. One step softer or firmer than the recommended street spring rate can be considered, depending on the purpose of the car (softer for drag racing, firmer for autocross, etc.). See our article Calculating Spring Rate for QA1 Stock Mount Coil-Over Systems to determine your ideal spring rate.