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Front Pro Coil Shock System Springs

Front Pro Coil Shock System Springs
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QA1 Front Pro Coil Shock System Springs
Product Description

Springs for QA1's Front Pro Coil Shock Systems

These silver powder coated springs fit perfectly with QA1’s front Pro Coil Shock Systems. These springs are available with flat and pigtail ends and in 10” and 11” free lengths. Made with the highest quality materials, QA1 springs are strong, consistent and have a long life.

Chrome Silicon Steel (CrS)
All QA1 springs are manufactured using the highest quality materials for high strength, consistency and long life.

Cold Wound – Heat Treated – Shot Peened
All QA1 springs go through intensive manufacturing processes to ensure consistency, accuracy and durability.

Protective Coated
QA1's GM Pro Coil  springs are silver powder coated for excellent longevity.

For Mustang struts or rear Pro Coils, see our 2.5" I.D. springs.

High Travel Options
Springs with HT in the part number are high travel springs. Made in the USA, the high travel springs have fewer coils and a smaller wire diameter. As a result, they are lighter and have increased travel due to the larger distance between the coils. These lighter springs reduce unsprung weight and react faster, optimizing suspension performance.

Lengths and Rates Marked
All QA1 springs are clearly marked with the free length of the spring and spring rate for quick and easy identification.

All QA1 springs are lifetime guaranteed to remain within 2% of the original free height and rate under normal operating conditions.

** Free length may be rounded up