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Heavy Duty Pro Rear Coil-over Conversion Systems

Product Description

Product Overview

QA1's Heavy Duty Pro Rear Systems are the perfect solution to add coilovers to your car or truck. Designed for any vehicle with a 1700-2600 lbs. rear axle weight, this kit includes all the necessary hardware and bracketry for a seamless installation. With double shear bracketry and increased spring rates, it ensures the strength and support you need for street and race applications. This simple weld-on kit features axle mount bracketry, upper shock mounts and tubing, and fully adjustable QA1 coilover shocks and springs.

Ride Height Adjustability

Our axle-mounted brackets offer ¾” increments of adjustment, and the coilover shock allows for fine-tuning. Combined, you will have a total of 9” of ride height adjustability, giving you full control for your desired stance.

Available Shock Offerings

  • Single-Adjustable Coil-Overs - QA1 single adjustable Proma Star shocks deliver exceptional ride quality and performance. With the simple turn of a dial, you can effortlessly switch between a comfortable cruise and a more aggressive feel, making them ideal for daily driving or twisty backroads.
  • Double-Adjustable Coil-Overs - For performance enthusiasts who demand precision handling and control, our double-adjustable Proma Star shocks are the perfect choice. Perfect for both street and track use, double adjustable shocks are famous for their independent rebound and compression tunability, giving you exceptional handling and control for finer control over your suspension.
  • MOD Series Coil-Overs - Designed for top builds wanting more tunability and aggressive force curves, these shocks feature modular valve packs, allowing valving changes without removing them from the car. With high-speed and low-speed bleed adjustability, these shocks are both streetable and able to get high-horsepower cars down the drag strip.

Spring rates offered for a wide range of rear weights

Easy, Weld-In Installation

Each kit comes complete with the essential brackets, tabs, and hardware, making it a simple weld-on solution to get the job done efficiently without excess fabrication or trips to the parts store.

Made in the USA

QA1’s Heavy Duty Pro-Rear Systems is proudly made in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Fitment Notes

Welding required. Offered for both 3.00" or 3.25" axle tubes. Included tubular upper shock mount dimensions are 1-5/8” diameter x .095 wall, 40” long. Requires use of QA1 spanner wrench T114W or T115W (single and double adjust) or T121W (MOD)