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Custom Mount Coil-Over Shocks

Product Description

The #1 choice for custom suspension systems, these shocks are available in various lengths, mounting styles and valving options. QA1 shocks instantly upgrade ride quality and performance. The shock and included hardware kit provide quick and easy ride height adjustability to get the perfect stance.

QA1’s custom mount coil-overs help you gain the benefits of coil-over shocks on a huge range of vehicles. Building a custom chassis or suspension components? Can’t find direct-fit options for your vehicle? These are for you. 

  • Get that perfect stance with adjustable ride height
  • On-the-car adjustable valving makes it easy to dial in comfort and performance
  • Available with 3-9” of stroke
  • Multiple valving options available 
  • Just add a 2.5” spring of the appropriate length and spring rate
  • Alternative mounting options available to fit your custom chassis
  • 100% dyno tested and serialized
  • Made in the USA
  • Eligible for a FREE Limited Lifetime Warranty

Custom Mount Shocks are the right choice for you if you have altered your chassis or want to build it from scratch.  Manufactured in Lakeville, Minnesota, QA1’s aluminum shocks are tested and approved by drivers and racers like you. 

Not sure how to measure for custom coil-overs? Check out this helpful tech article.

Which shock is right for me?

Cruising - Non-Adjustable
Handling - Single Adjustable
Autocross and Drag Race - Double Adjustable


  • Ensure your shock will have an adequate amount of travel to avoid overextending or bottoming out the shock
  • Available spanner wrenches and thrust bearings increase ease of ride height adjustment
  • If using a stock spring pocket, ensure you can achieve your desired ride height while incorporating enough shock travel