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QA1 is the Official Sponsor of the Goodguys Ya Gotta Drive ’Em Area

March 28, 2018

QA1 is proud to be the official sponsor of the Goodguys Ya Gotta Drive ’Em area, a special parking section at each Goodguys Nationals event for attendees who have driven over 300 miles to the show.

The sponsorship is a part of QA1’s #goDRIVEit initiative, which encourages owners to enjoy their vehicles and proclaims that vehicles were meant to be driven, not hidden. “We want to recognize those people who aren’t afraid to get into their car and put some miles on them. That’s what this hobby is all about!” says Dave Kass, QA1 Customer Service Manager. “We appreciate that Goodguys created a special area to acknowledge those people who actually drive their vehicles, so this seemed like the perfect partnership.”

Goodguys Ya Gotta Drive 'Em logo

There are 16 Goodguys Nationals events throughout 2018. The special parking areas are open on Saturdays from 7am to noon at each show, and participants are eligible to win a Ya Gotta Drive ’Em award.

For more information on Goodguys events, visit For more information about QA1’s #goDRIVEit initiative, visit