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New C10 Suspension Solutions Released by QA1

February 26, 2018

Add modern performance to a pickup that was designed for utility. With QA1’s bolt-on front and rear systems, not only can you lower your C10, but you’ll also have ride height adjustability on all four corners, giving you that perfect level stance. Adjustability options let you tailor the system to create the performance desired, so your truck can handle those corners and curves like a sports car.

On the front, gain up to 7 degrees of caster with a complete kit that integrates a coil-over system and high travel springs with tubular control arms. For the rear, a bolt-on suspension system offers up to 6” of drop by integrating coil-over systems, adjustable truck arms, a c-notch bracket, a panhard bar, and more. Other options for those wanting to use stock springs or keep the factory truck arms are also available. Sway bars are also available for both front and rear.

All products listed are proudly made in QA1’s Lakeville, Minnesota facility.

C10 Front Coil Over Conversion Kit

1963-1987 C10 Front Suspension

With adjustable ride height and up to 5” drop with the use of popular drop spindles, these front control arm suspension kits help you find the right stance without the expense of buying a chassis or full front end. The coil-over shocks are offered in single or double adjustable valving options and come with high travel springs available in three spring rate options. The control arms provide up to 7 degrees of increased caster for more stability and driveability.

C10 Tubular Control Arms



Control Arms Only
Want to use a factory style spring with the shock in the factory location? QA1 front upper and lower control arms are available for use with stock springs as well. These arms utilize the same design features of the front kit, adding stability with increased caster.


1963-1972 C10 Rear Suspension

This complete bolt-in rear suspension system offers up to 6” of total drop and integrates adjustability into multiple areas so you can truly fine-tune the geometry to create the perfect performance after lowering.

C10 Rear Suspension System

By converting the coil-spring rear suspension to adjustable coil-overs, the ride height for each corner can be altered for that perfect stance. From there, the tubular steel truck arms feature an integrated pinion angle adjustment, eliminating the need for angled shims and allowing the wheelbase to be set to exact specifications. The adjustable panhard bar keeps the rear centered for more predictable cornering, and the multiple mounting locations correct roll center geometry based on the amount of drop.

The coil-overs are also relocated to the outside of the frame rail, closer to the wheel, for better cornering stability and allowing room for popular aftermarket rear-mounted fuel tanks. In addition to being easily bolted on, the entire rear system can be installed without needing to remove the bed of the truck.

What’s Included?
Adjustable Shocks, High Travel Springs, Coil-over Hardware, Truck Arms, Panhard Bar, Brace Bar, C-Notch Kit, All Required Nuts, Bolts, etc.

C10 Rear Coil-Overs


Coil-Overs Only
Looking to keep your factory truck arms, but still want coil-overs for adjustable ride height? QA1 also offers rear coil-over shocks that work with the factory truck arms while incorporating a full-length adjustable panhard bar, keeping your rear end centered through its articulation.


C10 Sway Bars

Front and Rear Sway Bars

QA1 also offers sway bars to add a new level of stability to your C10. They are precision CNC formed for proper fitment and bolt-on installation. Front sway bars fit 1963-1987 C10 trucks. Rear sway bars are designed to work only with QA1’s 1963-1972 C10 Rear Suspension System.