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REV™ Series Carbon Fiber Driveshafts for ‘18 Mustangs/Hellcats

April 5, 2018

QA1’s REV™ Series carbon fiber driveshafts for Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats and Ford Mustang GTs are now available for current year models. Certified to the SFI 43.1 specification, these one-piece bolt-on driveshafts replace factory two-piece driveshafts and were designed to optimize strength and performance.

2018 Hellcat Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

Driveshafts are now available for:

These driveshafts are wound in-house specifically for modern muscle cars and incorporate both built-in strength and high speed capability while still providing weight savings over the factory driveshaft. Made using the latest filament-winding equipment and materials, including a 3M™ Matrix Resin specifically for high temperature applications, these driveshafts provide extended transmission and differential life, quicker acceleration and more power to the ground. They are rated for vehicles with up to 1500 HP with a max torque of 1000 lb*ft.

2018 Mustang GT Carbon Fiber Drivesahft
2018 Ford Mustang GT

Extensively tested before, during and after production to ensure the highest quality, all QA1 driveshafts are proudly made in-house in QA1’s Lakeville, Minnesota facility. QA1 also offers REV™ Series carbon fiber driveshafts in custom options.