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We want you to #goDRIVEit!

We want to inspire you and other enthusiasts to get out and enjoy your vehicles - because they were meant to be driven, not hidden. Whether it's fresh out of paint or a contender for "best patina," we celebrate the miles logged, the rock chips, and other badges of the road that show these vehicles represent more than just bragging rights. It doesn't matter if it's pristine, or far from, just #goDRIVEit!


What is #goDRIVEit?
To encourage more people to get out and drive their vehicles, we're using this call-to-action hashtag. Clicking the #goDRIVEit hashtag in any of our posts or searching it on social media is an easy way to see all of the vehicle photos, videos, and stories from other people who enjoy driving their vehicles.

How can you be a part of this?

  1. Share our video to help get the word out! Click the arrow button in the video above and select what social media platform you want to share it on.
  2. Shoot a quick video or take some pictures of your car, tell us about it and why you drive it, and share it on social media with the hashtag #goDRIVEit. We'll feature some of these posts on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. If you're featured, we'll send you some QA1 swag and a #goDRIVEit decal.
  3. Join the official #goDRIVEit Facebook Group: