K-Members & Braces

QA1 offers K-Members for Mustangs and Mopar applications and K-Member Braces for Mustangs. The tubular K-Members are designed for weight savings and as a bolt-in swap for the factory K-Member.

Mustang K-Members are for hard core race applications only - not for street use.

  1. Mopar A, B or E-Body K-Member - QA1 Suspension

    Mopar K-Members

    Starting at: $736.65

    QA1's Mopar K-Members are direct bolt-ons to 67-72 A-Body, 66-72 B-Body or 70-74 E-Body vehicles.

  2. MUK01-MUK02-K-Member-Left

    Ford K-Members

    Starting at: $399.95

    QA1's tubular Mustang K-members are designed from the ground up for weight savings, improved geometry and as a bolt-in swap for factory Fox Body and SN95 K-members.

  3. Mustang K-Member Brace #52105 - QA1 Suspension Components

    K-Member Braces

    Starting at: $166.27

    QA1 Mustang K-Member Braces are designed to stabilize the front suspension during hard cornering, allowing for improved control and handling.

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