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New Dirt Late Model Driveshafts from QA1

November 23, 2016

QA1 now offers two carbon fiber driveshaft options for dirt late models: a new 2.25” diameter driveshaft with TractionTwist™ technology and a recently updated 3.2” diameter driveshaft with extreme U-joint misalignment. Both driveshafts are designed for super late models, limited late models, and Wissota and IMCA dirt late models. While these driveshafts provide unmatched performance on any track, they both have unique properties designed for extra benefits in specific conditions, so to get an even higher edge up on the competition, QA1 recommends using both and switching them out based on track conditions.

2.25-inch Carbon Fiber Circle Track Driveshaft

QA1’s 2.25” diameter carbon fiber driveshaft is the first of its size ever designed for dirt late models, and it features a specially designed tube structure that makes it ideal for use on slick tracks. The tube utilizes TractionTwist™ technology, which provides more twist under load to smooth out RPM spikes, resulting in smoother application of power to the rear tires. Data tested and track tested with multiple Crown Jewel victories, these driveshafts have proven to increase and maintain traction better than other driveshafts.

3.2-inch Carbon Fiber Circle Track DriveshaftFor tacky or rough conditions, QA1 recommends the 3.2” dirt late model carbon fiber driveshafts, which have been redesigned to offer extreme U-joint misalignment (XMA). The tube on this shaft has a higher torsional stiffness that results in less twist, which is great for heavy, fast, or rough tracks where traction isn’t limited. The XMA style provides more U-joint misalignment than other designs on the market, and this prevents binding near the pinion yoke, allows more rear suspension articulation and provides more clearance under deceleration, which is especially critical when the car is “on the bars” during corner entry.

QA1 carbon fiber driveshafts are lighter and stronger than aluminum or steel driveshafts while also providing dramatic safety benefits. In the unlikely event of a failure, a carbon fiber driveshaft shreds like a broom, so there is no damage to the racer or other parts of the car.

QA1 is redefining industry standards by performing filament winding in-house, allowing QA1's carbon fiber driveshafts to be designed and wound for specific applications and enabling QA1 to develop new technologies like the TractionTwist™ Technology used in the 2.25" dirt late model driveshaft. In addition, instead of needing a sacrificial outer coating like other driveshafts, strength and surface protection are built directly into the carbon fiber tube with QA1’s exclusive 3M™ Matrix Resin, which was developed specifically for racing and provides increased torque capacity and longevity. With this resin, Spicer Life Series® solid U-joints and unmatched precision balancing, QA1 driveshafts are thoroughly engineered for end-to-end performance and strength. All QA1 driveshafts undergo rigorous testing during and after production to ensure consistent quality, and they are track tested as well. They are precision balanced for smooth, vibration-free operation, which extends the U-joint life.

QA1 also offers carbon fiber driveshafts for dirt modifieds, crate late models and a variety of drag racing and street performance vehicles