2.25" Dirt Late Model Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

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Dirt Late Model Driveshaft with Slip YokeDirt Late Model Driveshaft with Slip Yoke
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  • Dirt Late Model Driveshaft with Slip Yoke
  • Dirt Late Model Driveshaft with Slip Yoke

Dirt Late Model Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

Changing track conditions don't have to affect your performance. That's why QA1 offers two carbon fiber driveshaft options for super late models, limited late models, and Wissota and IMCA dirt late models. While both provide unmatched performance on any track, they each have their unique features designed to provide extra benefits in specific conditions. Our 2.25" driveshaft utilizes TractionTwist™ technology to get better traction on slick tracks, while the 3.2" XMA style driveshaft takes advantage of rough conditions, providing extra alignment to avoid binding. Get an even higher edge up on the competition by using both and switching them out based on track conditions.

QA1’s 2.25” diameter carbon fiber driveshaft is the first of its size ever designed for dirt late models, and it features a specially designed tube structure that makes it ideal for use on slick tracks. The tube utilizes TractionTwist™ technology, which provides more twist under load to smooth out RPM spikes, resulting in smoother application of power to the rear tires. Data tested and track tested with multiple Crown Jewel victories, these driveshafts have proven to increase and maintain traction better than other driveshafts on slick tracks.

QA1 specially winds the driveshafts with 3M™ Matrix Resin that is exclusive to QA1 driveshafts. 3M™ Matrix Resin uses spherical nanoscale silica that provides improved abrasion resistance and longevity, higher compressive strength and minimal water absorption for increased torque capacity and longevity. This resin is what gives a QA1 driveshaft its distinctive blue tint.

The driveshafts have a uniform wall thickness created by optimum fiber lay up that ensures high RPM stability as well as extreme torque capacities. A thoroughly engineered surface protection is used to withstand extreme racing environments and provide a worry-free performance. These driveshafts also feature Spicer Life Series® Universal Joints that are high strength alloy and provide durability, high torque capacity and are sealed for maximum strength and no maintenance. The forged yokes are precision CNC machined and are specially developed for QA1’s 11 step bonding procedure that ensures a better balance and minimal material waste.

  • First 2.25" carbon fiber driveshaft designed for dirt late models
  • TractionTwist™ technology provides more twist under load
  • Smooths out RPM spikes for smoother application of power to rear tires
  • Made with 3M™ Matrix Resin for improved abrasion resistance, longevity and higher strength 
  • Spicer Life Series®  U-joints come standard for their durability and high torque capacity and are sealed for maximum strength and no maintenance
  • Precision balanced 
  • Track Tested and proven
  • Lighter, stiffer, stronger and safer than steel or aluminum driveshafts
  • Available in a variety of lengths and with or without a slip yoke
  • Custom lengths also available
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Learn more about the development and technology that QA1 uses in its carbon fiber driveshafts on the Carbon Fiber Driveshaft Technology page.

QA1 vs. Dirt Late Model Competitors
Driveshaft Torsion Test DataThis graph shows torsional test data collected using QA1's in-house custom torsional dyno for 38" dirt late model driveshafts. The horizontal axis is displacement or amount of twist in degrees and the vertical axis is amount of torque in lb*ft. Each line represents a different driveshaft and each part was tested to failure. You can see that some of the lines are fairly straight up to a certain amount of torque then they start to curve. The point where the curve starts is actually where the driveshaft starts to yield or take a permanent set or twist. If the part was removed and checked anywhere in the curved area, the end yokes would be twisted out of phase. This is especially apparent for steel or aluminum. QA1's carbon fiber driveshaft is represented by the red line.

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Installation guide for Circle Track Driveshaft

Part Numbers
LengthWith 8" Slip YokeWithout Slip Yoke
34.5" JJ-11260 JJ-11269
35" JJ-11261 JJ-11271
35.5" JJ-11262 JJ-11272
37" JJ-11263 JJ-11273
JJ-11264 JJ-11274
JJ-11265 JJ-11275
JJ-11266 JJ-11276
JJ-11267 JJ-11277
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