Custom Mount Shocks

Custom Mount Shocks are the right choice for you if you have altered your vehicle’s chassis or are building it from scratch. Whether you are looking for a shock with show-stopping appearance or a high performance adjustable shock, QA1 has a shock for you.

Manufactured in Lakeville, Minnesota, QA1’s aluminum shocks are tested and approved by drivers and racers like you. We ensure a high quality, consistent, repeatable product every time by dyno testing and serializing 100% of our shocks.

  1. MOD™ Series Shock - Piggyback - Left

    MOD™ Series Shocks


    MOD™ Series custom mount coil-over shocks ideal for drag racers and pro-touring drivers feature unique revalving technology for ultimate performance.

  2. Proma Star Shock - Bearing - QA1 Suspension

    Proma Star Double Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks

    Starting at: $305.23

    Custom mount coil-over shock absorbers for hard-core performance and truly independent compression and rebound adjustment.

  3. Proma Star Single Adjustable Shock - Bushing - QA1 Suspension

    Proma Star Single Adjustable Coil-Over Shocks

    Starting at: $211.95

    Custom mount coil-over shock absorbers with simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment.

  4. Quad Adjust Shock - 4-way Adjustable - QA1

    Quad Adjust Coil-Over Shocks

    Starting at: $599.95

    This 4-way adjustable shock features independent rebound and compression adjustments at both low and high shock speeds. With these adjustment options, you'll have maximum tunability, be able to keep the tires on the ground and improve control.

  5. Pro-Rear System - Double Adjustable

    Pro-Rear Systems Coil-Over Conversion Kit

    Starting at $577.71

    QA1's custom mount rear coil-over conversion system is available in double adjustable, single adjustable and ride sensitive valving options and a variety of spring rates. Great for any hot rod, pro-street, street rod or drag car.

  6. Hot Rod Series Smooth Body Shock with Bell Cover - QA1

    Hot Rod Series Shocks

    Starting at: $249.95

    QA1's exclusive line of shocks for the street rod market are offered with a smooth shock body and an optional chrome plated dust cover. The aluminum shock bodies are also chrome plated for show quality appearance.

  7. Ultra Ride Shock - Bearing - QA1 Suspension

    Ultra Ride Coil-Over Shocks

    Starting at: $193.95

    Custom mount rebound adjustable coil-over shock absorbers for the best in rodding.

  8. Aluma Matic Shock - Bushing - QA1 Suspension

    Aluma Matic Threaded Body Shocks

    Starting at: $173.79

    Custom mount ride sensitive coil-over shock absorbers, the Aluma Matic shocks are great non-adjustable shocks for street rodding.

  9. QA1 Street Star Shock - Bushing

    Street Star Smooth Body Shocks

    Starting at: $199.95

    Custom mount rebound adjustable smooth body shock absorber. Get the smooth ride and look with the Street Star shocks.

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