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DIY LS/LT Engine Mounts for QA1 C10 Crossmember

SKU: 7740-379

Application : QA1 C10 Crossmember
Engine Type : LS Engine
Note : Weld your own mounts. Includes components to fit QA1 C10 crossmember.
Product Description

Create your own engine mounts for the QA1 C10 tubular crossmember. The kit includes everything you need to weld your own mounts for GM LS and Gen 5 LT engines, allowing you to determine important factors like engine height and setback. This is a great option if you’re trying to modify characteristics like front/rear weight balance or center of gravity.

Fitment notes

  • Mounts cannot be used with stock C10 crossmember
  • Welding required
  • Moving your engine may require different headers, oil pan and other components