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QA1 Expands Pro Coil Systems for Chevrolet B-Bodies and Corvettes

April 21, 2016

QA1 is excited to add front Pro Coil Shock Systems for 1963-1982 Corvettes and for 1958-1970 full-size Chevrolet vehicles, including Impalas, Bel Airs and Caprices. These kits are ideal for drivers of full-size Chevrolet vehicles who are looking for fully adjustable ride height and valving control.

QA1 Front Pro Coil Systems include adjustable aluminum shocks, high travel springs and all necessary mounting hardware. These shocks have a threaded body that allows the car to be lowered from stock ride height to -2 inches while on the car. This allows you to get the stance exactly where you want it for your driving style or wheel and tire combination. Multiple spring rate options are also available to choose from for casual street driving to hardcore autocrossing or drag racing.

Choose from double, single or Drag “R” Series adjustable valving options to get the ride you want by fine-tuning your compression and rebound. The double adjustable shocks provide 18 positions of independent compression adjustment and 18 positions of independent rebound adjustment for a total of 324 possible valving combinations. Single adjustable shocks provide 18 positions of simultaneous rebound and compression adjustment. The Drag “R” Series shock provides 18 levels of simultaneous adjustment while maintaining a “90/10” style valving in each adjustment, allowing the front of the car to rise easily and come down softly for a smoother, more controlled launch.

With the recent expansion of 1971-1996 B-Body front Pro Coil Systems, QA1 now has systems for a full range of 1958-1996 B-Body Chevrolet vehicles. In addition, QA1 offers both front Pro Coil Systems and rear Pro Coil Systems for many vehicles. All QA1 aluminum shocks are made in their Lakeville, Minnesota facility, are 100% dyno tested and serialized and are rebuildable and serviceable by QA1 Authorized Service Centers.