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New Full-Vehicle Suspension Kits for 68-74 GM X-Body Vehicles

July 21, 2016

Drivers of 1968-1974 GM X-Body vehicles like Novas, Chevy IIs, Venturas, Apollos and Omegas now can upgrade all four corners of their suspension with a QA1 drag racing or performance handling full-vehicle kit.

Rather than providing only one option for your vehicle, QA1 offers handling kits and drag racing kits offered in up to three levels of performance. Performance handling kits are designed to increase cornering ability, and the higher levels include coil-overs with stiffer springs to maximize stability and reduce body roll. Drag racing kits create a more controlled launch and improve straight line stability, utilizing softer spring rates to maximize stored energy and weight transfer.

QA1 Stage 3 GM X-Body Handling KitThese kits include products like shocks, coil-overs, sway bars and control arms. The shocks and coil-overs cover a variety of adjustability options based on performance needed, going from easy-upgrade non-adjustable shocks all the way up to double adjustable, where drivers can independently control compression and rebound with 18 settings each. The coil-over shocks include spring rates carefully selected to maximize performance while maintaining a smooth, comfortable ride. Kits are also offered without shocks to give drivers the flexibility to order the shocks or struts with the spring rates they prefer.

Because each component in the kits works seamlessly with whichever OE component it attaches to, those who don’t want to make the whole investment right away can build a car in stages, using the product list as a road map. “Building a vehicle doesn’t happen all at once, and we understand that,” says Dave Kass, QA1 Customer Service Manager. “That’s why we wanted to lay out a plan that eliminates compatibility issues while also maximizing performance.”

These kits are geared towards average weight small block and LS powered vehicles with stock trim. 

Full-vehicle suspension kits are also available for a variety of other GM, Ford and Mopar vehicles. All kits are made in QA1’s Lakeville, Minnesota facility, with all shocks 100% dyno tested and serialized.