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Chevy C20/C30 and R20/R30 Coil-Over Front Suspension

Product Description

Now you can easily give your C20/C30 or R20/R30 truck adjustable ride height, adjustable shock valving and improved geometry. That translates to a great stance with 1-3” of drop (up to 6” of drop with popular drop spindles), improved ride quality and significant handling gains. Plus, keep your 8-lug wheels.

You can easily install this kit in your driveway or garage with basic hand tools. No welding required. Everything is included, all the way down to the hardware.

Adjustable Shocks

Choose from single- or double-adjustable shocks.

Single adjustable shocks give you 18 clicks of valving adjustment. This gives you a very simple way to adjust your shocks without taking them off the truck. You can simply soften or stiffen the ride by turning one knob.

Double-adjustable shocks offer 18 clicks of independent compression and rebound valving adjustment. These are great if you who really want to fine-tune your shocks on the street or plan to take your truck to the track.

QA1 shocks are 100% dyno tested and serialized. Components included in these systems are proudly made in the USA at QA1’s Lakeville, Minnesota facility.

Fitment Notes

  • Total drop range depends on wheel/tire fitment
  • Requires spindles that use 1971-1986 C20/C30 Ball Joints or 87-91 R20/R30 Ball Joints
  • Not recommended for vehciles with front end weight greater than 3,000lbs.