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QA1 Chevy C10 Suspension


Upgrade your existing QA1 coil-over setup or build your truck around our new tubular crossmember.

Easily bolt in this modern crossmember to drastically improve drivability and performance.

  • More responsive driver feel with rack and pinion steering
  • Up to 8" of drop while improving overall ground clearance
  • Compatible with existing QA1 coil-over systems (no new shocks or control arms required)



C10 Coil-Over Conversion Systems


Add modern performance to your Chevy C10 pickup that was designed for utility. With QA1’s bolt-on front and rear systems, you won't just lower your C10. You’ll also have ride height adjustability on all four corners to get that perfect level stance. Adjustability options let you tailor the system to your desired performance desired. Your truck will handle corners and curves like a sports car!

Front and rear sway bars are also available. All products listed are proudly made in QA1's Lakeville, Minnesota facility.

1963-1987 Chevy C10 Front Suspension Kits

QA1 C10 front coil-over systems improve everyday drivability, straight-line stability and overall peromance. Gain up to 7 degrees of caster with a complete kit that integrates a coil-over system and high travel springs with tubular control arms. 

Fitment Note: Requires use of a 1973-1987 OEM or drop spindle. 



Chevy C10 Rear Suspension Kits

1963-1972 C10 Rear Suspension
Our bolt-on rear suspension system for 1963-1972 C10s offers up to 6” of drop by integrating coil-over systems, adjustable truck arms, a c-notch bracket, a panhard bar and more. 

  • On-the-truck adjustable valving makes it easy to dial in your desired level of comfort and performance
  • Designed to support larger/wider wheels and tires
  • Easy, bolt-in installation - no need to remove the bed
  • Made in the USA
  • Shocks eligible for an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty


1973-1987 C10 Square Body Rear Suspension
The rear suspension system for 1973-1987 C10s adds unprecedented adjustability to square body trucks. We engineered a unique torque arm design that maximizes performance without the inherent binding issues of other systems, all while achieving a 4” to 7” drop.

  • Dial in your desired level of comfort and performance with on-the-truck adjustable valving
  • Run larger/wider wheels and tires
  • Easily bolt-in the system without removing the bed
  • Made in the USA
  • Shocks eligible for an industry-leading Limited Lifetime Warranty