Coil-Over Kits & Components

QA1 offers a variety of coil-over kits and components for its performance shocks and struts.
  1. Anti-Seize Lubricant

    Anti-Seize Lubricant

    Starting at: $2.64

    QA1 recommends using Anti-Seize lubricant on your coil-over threads to allow easy spring seat adjustment.

  2. Coil-Over Kit - COK106 - QA1 Suspension Component

    Coil-Over Kits and Hardware

    Starting at: $27.51

    QA1 has coil-over kits and hardware designed for its drag and street shocks and struts.

  3. Spanner Wrenches for all adjustable QA1 shocks - QA1 Suspension Component

    Spanner Wrenches and Thrust Bearing Kits

    Starting at: $21.15

    QA1 offers spanner wrenches and thrust bearing kits individually and as a complete kit.

  4. Standard Spring Cap

    Spring Caps

    Starting at: $17.49

    QA1's spring caps are offered as standard or steep angled. The standard spring caps are used with Proma Star, Ultra Ride and Aluma Matic shocks with traditional clearance, while the steep angled spring caps are used with the same shocks but require additional clearance.

  5. Spring Seat Washer - QA1 Suspension Accessory

    Spring Seat Washer

    Starting at: $4.72

    QA1 offers stainless steel spring seat washers for protecting aluminum spring seats.

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