Street Performance & Racing Accessories

QA1 offers a variety of accessories to compliment your shocks, struts and suspension components. From coil-over kits and components to shock mount accessories, QA1 has your complete suspension package.

  1. Aluminum Shock Extension - QA1 Suspension Component

    Aluminum Shock Extensions

    Starting at: $11.44

    QA1's Aluminum Shock Extensions can give you a little more length if needed in your custom application.

  2. Anti-Seize Lubricant

    Anti-Seize Lubricant

    Starting at: $2.97

    QA1 recommends using Anti-Seize lubricant on your coil-over threads to allow easy spring seat adjustment.

  3. Bearing Kit - COM8-106PK - QA1 Suspension Component

    Bearing Kits

    Starting at: $24.73

    QA1 offers bearing kits with a variety of options, including steel or Nylon/PTFE race and different inner and outer diameters and width.

  4. Bump Stop - 9032-117 - QA1 Suspension Component

    Bump Stops

    Starting at: $6.00

    QA1's Bump Stops can help cushion your suspension and prevent it from bottoming out.

  5. Bushing Kit - B6031K - QA1 Suspension Component

    Bushing Kit

    Starting at: $10.03

    QA1 offers two bushing kits for our drag racing, street performance and street rod shocks.

  6. C10 E-Brake Cable Mount Kit - QA1 Suspension

    C10 E-Brake Cable Mount

    Starting at: $63.43

    Hold your factory C10 emergency/parking brake line in place with QA1's cable mount.

  7. Caster Camber Plates - CC100MU

    Caster Camber Plates

    Starting at: $212.60

    QA1's Caster Camber Plates are designed for improved load distribution that significantly reduces wear and increases durability. This eliminates "sloppy bearings," which result in road noise and poor handling characteristics.

  8. Coil-Over Kit - COK106 - QA1 Suspension Component

    Coil-Over Kits and Hardware

    Starting at: $27.72

    QA1 has coil-over kits and hardware designed for its drag and street shocks and struts.

  9. Complete Adjustable Shock Mount - QA1 Suspension Component

    Complete Adjustable Shock Mount Kit

    Starting at: $80.41

    QA1 has a complete adjustable shock mount kit available that makes it easy to convert one shock length to another.

  10. Stud Top Conversion Kit - SS110SDM - QA1 Suspension Component

    Conversion Kits

    Starting at: $16.04

    QA1 offers a variety of Conversion Kits for your shocks.

  11. QA1 Custom 4-Link Hardware Kit - Part # 1682-120

    Custom 4-Link Hardware Kits

    Starting at: $333.30

    This custom 4-link kit complements the Pro-Rear Systems to complete a rear back half upgrade for most custom applications.

  12. QA1 Suspension Component

    Lower Shock Bolt Kit

    Starting at: $17.18

    QA1 Lower Shock Bolt Kits is designed with 5/8" I.D. bushing and are used to eliminate or minimize vehicle modifications.

  13. Tube Mount for MOD™ Series Shocks Part # 9039-305 - QA1 Suspension

    MOD™ Series Shock Reservoir Mounts


    These flat panel mounts or tube mounts are offered for easily mounting the reservoir of QA1's MOD™ Series Shocks to your vehicle.

  14. MOD™ Series Shock Valve Packs

    MOD™ Series Shock Valve Packs


    Modular valve pack tuning kits for MOD™ Series shocks.

  15. Mounting Tab - TB101GBK - QA1 Suspension Component

    Mounting Tabs

    Starting at: $18.34

    QA1 offers a quality line of tabs for mounting shocks and other miscellaneous accessories.

  16. QA1 Suspension Component

    One-Piece Bushings

    Starting at: $4.22

    QA1 offers a one-piece bushing for your suspension component needs.

  17. Tube Mount for Quad Adjust Shocks - QA1 Suspension

    Quad Adjust Shock Reservoir Mounts


    These flat panel mounts or tube mounts are offered for easily mounting the reservoir of QA1's Quad Adjust Shock to your vehicle.

  18. Sleeve Kit - SLV750 - QA1 Suspension Component

    Sleeve Kits

    Starting at: $7.00

    QA1 offers a variety of sleeve kits to meet your needs.

  19. Spanner Wrenches for all adjustable QA1 shocks - QA1 Suspension Component

    Spanner Wrenches and Thrust Bearing Kits

    Starting at: $20.10

    QA1 offers spanner wrenches and thrust bearing kits individually and as a complete kit.

  20. Standard Spring Cap

    Spring Caps

    Starting at: $18.34

    QA1's spring caps are offered as standard or steep angled. The standard spring caps are used with Proma Star, Ultra Ride and Aluma Matic shocks with traditional clearance, while the steep angled spring caps are used with the same shocks but require additional clearance.

  21. Spring Seat Washer - QA1 Suspension Accessory

    Spring Seat Washer

    Starting at: $4.69

    QA1 offers stainless steel spring seat washers for protecting aluminum spring seats.

  22. Stud Top Bushing Kit - MK03 - QA1 Suspension Component

    Stud Top Bushing Kits

    Starting at: $8.52

    QA1 offers a stud top bushing kit with shock mounting hardware for 5/8" and 7/8" openings. Fits QA1 stud top shocks.

  23. T-Bar Kit - BAR300K - QA1 Suspension Component

    T-Bar Kits

    Starting at: $24.08

    QA1's T-Bar Kits are designed to convert loop-type QA1 adjustable shocks to T-bar mounts.

  24. Upper Eyelet Conversion Kit - SS300LT - QA1 Suspension Component

    Upper Eyelet Conversion Kits

    Starting at: $16.11

    QA1 offers upper eyelet kits to convert QA1 shocks with 9/16"-18 piston rod thread from stud mount to eyelet mounts in both standard and extended lengths.

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