Street Performance & Racing Twin Tube Shocks

QA1 offers twin tube shocks and struts for the street performance, drag racing, autocross and road racing markets. Our twin tube design is unlike many other twin tubes.

Advantages of QA1’s Twin Tube Shocks

  • No rod force from gas charge, eliminating “artificial” spring force being added to the vehicle from a high pressure gas charge.
  • Rod force is consistent at any shock position because you are not compressing pressurized gas.
  • Can be run upside down.
  • Dents in the shock body from debris don’t interfere with piston movement.
  • The valving in our twin tube creates an oil flow that circulates around the shock in a pumping fashion instead of flowing through the same oil over and over. This circulation allows the shock to cool itself better and maintain more consistent damping.

Below is a cut away diagram that shows the construction and performance features of a QA1 twin tube shock absorber.

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