Rebuildable & Revalveable

Street Performance & Racing Shocks and Struts

All of QA1's street performance and racing adjustable shocks and struts are manufactured to be serviceable and rebuildable, should the need arise. With trained and talented QA1 authorized rebuilders throughout the nation, you can get up and running again in no time, saving you more money down the road. Visit our Dealer Locator page to search for a QA1 Authorized Rebuilder near you.

Circle Track Shocks

QA1 has engineered racer rebuildable and revalveable shock absorbers in both twin tube and monotube styles in the circle track market. For example, if you bend or damage a piston rod, you don’t have to throw the shock away or send it into a repair shop to have it fixed. The average racer can buy the necessary tools and parts to rebuild a QA1 shock without needing a shock dyno. With just a few tools and a few minutes, you can fix or tune a QA1 shock, saving you money and keeping you racing.

Check out these videos on rebuilding a circle track monotube shock and a twin tube shock:


Watch this video on how to change your valving on our rebuildable circle track shocks:

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