Valving Options for Circle Track Shocks

QA1's circle track shocks are offered in a variety of valvings. Our rebuildable circle track shocks allow racers to even change the valving on any shocks with a tuning kit, so you can get exactly what you want should your valving needs change.

Multiple Valvings for Street Performance & Racing Shocks and Struts

No matter if you drag race, autocross, road race or just go for the casual cruise, QA1’s shocks and struts are available in several different valving configurations to give you the perfect ride and performance based on your situation. Each click on QA1’s adjustable shocks and struts has been carefully and precisely defined from extensive research, testing and real-world experience to provide the perfect setting for each adjustment.

QA1’s shocks and struts are optimized to enhance performance by providing a soft, comfortable ride at the low end of operation or a firm, high performance ride at the high end of operation. Changing the valving on adjustable shocks and struts is as simple as turning the knob on the base of the shock, giving you the versatility to go from the strip to the street without ever removing the shock or strut from the vehicle.


Double Adjustable

  • Truly independent compression and rebound adjustment
  • 18 positions of rebound on one knob and 18 positions of compression on the other knob, providing 324 valving combinations
  • One shock allows for the ultimate in fine-tuning for any application

Single Adjustable

  • Simultaneous compression and rebound adjustment on one knob
  • 18 valving positions
  • Perfect for performance street driving or autocrossing or for the rear in drag racing

Drag “R” Series

  • Rebound and compression adjusted together on one knob with 18 positions, with stiffer compression valving
  • Lower rebound in the front allows weight to transfer to the rear when launching and a higher compression keeps the front end from slamming back to the ground
  • Designed for drag racing front applications

Rebound Adjustable

  • Comfortable compression setting with a wide range of rebound adjustment
  • 18 valving positions
  • Great for smooth-riding street rods


  • Fixed compression and rebound valving without external adjustability
  • Provides the best self-adjusting ride possible
  • Perfect for the driver who wants to upgrade to performance shocks without the adjustability
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