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QA1 Hosts First Open House at New Facility

July 7, 2021

QA1 is excited to host its first open house event since the completion of its state-of-the-art facility in 2020. The company’s space will be open to visitors from 7am to 9am on Friday, July 16, 2021. Guided tours will be followed by a #goDRIVEit cruise to the Street Machine Summer Nationals at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.   

The open house will give enthusiasts an opportunity to see QA1’s development center, manufacturing floor and more. On the guided tours, attendees will see first-hand how QA1’s products are designed and manufactured in the Lakeville, MN facility. They’ll get to explore the 100,000+ square foot building and enjoy up-close looks at the company’s production equipment and processes. As always, attendees will also get to enjoy a variety of refreshments and the area’s finest donuts. 

2021’s open house marks the return of the company’s annual event after a two-year hiatus, due to the transition to the new building in 2019 and coronavirus precautions in 2020. QA1’s previous events have attracted hundreds of cars, enthusiasts and media members each year. 

“We’re looking forward to finally welcoming our customers and fellow enthusiasts into our new facility,” said Melissa Scoles, President of QA1. “Those who have been to our open house previously will meet several of the same team members they’ve gotten know in the past, but will see a vastly different set up for development and manufacturing. New attendees will enjoy engaging with the team and learning how our products are expertly made. We’re excited to reconnect with so many while showing off our new home.”  

“Our open house has always been an event we love to host. It gives us an opportunity to share the pride we take in building QA1 products with area enthusiasts,” said Dave Kass, QA1’s Marketing Manager. “We’ve always had a great turnout and fun event at our old building and can’t wait to see people’s reactions to our brand-new facility and all of the opportunities it offers.”  

The QA1 open house complements one of the region’s largest car shows, Street Machine Summer Nationals, in St. Paul, MN. Drawing thousands of enthusiasts from around the country, the event offers something for everyone – including a performance marketplace, show-n-shine competition, DYNO challenge, burnout competition and more. QA1 is proud to be a long-standing sponsor of the Street Machine Autocross, giving enthusiasts an opportunity to push their vehicles to the limit and showcase their performance capabilities. 

To take part in the free cruise from QA1 to Street Machine Summer Nationals, drivers can register via QA1’s Eventbrite page. Taking part in the cruise will also provide preferred entrance to the event if drivers have registered early. 


About QA1 

Motivated by the idea that experiences are best made behind the wheel, QA1 manufactures high-performance suspension and driveline products designed for those who #goDRIVEit. 

Founded in 1993, QA1 is an industry leader in performance shocks, suspension components, composite driveshafts, rod ends, spherical bearings and related accessories for the motorsports and industrial markets. QA1 has more than 100,000 square feet of office and manufacturing space in Lakeville, Minnesota. The state-of-the-art facility includes a complete line of CNC machines, hydraulic presses, filament winding and laser cutting equipment that permit all-inclusive shock absorber, suspension component and composite driveshaft manufacturing and assembly operations. QA1’s quality system is certified to the ISO 9001 standard. 

For additional information and a free catalog, call 800.721.7761 or visit