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New Spring Rate Offering for Pro Coil Shock Systems

June 8, 2017

QA1 is excited to add 750 lb./in. spring rates to its line of high travel springs for front Pro Coil Shock Systems for Chevy/GMC C1500s, Chevy Impalas, Buick Rivieras and Ford Galaxies/Full Sizes.

While these springs can also work with any QA1 Pro Coil System that has a “C” at the end of its part number, they’re designed to support heavier vehicles with a front end weight between 2401 and 2600 lbs. In rare instances, these may be ideal for other Full Size GM and Ford vehicles that use QA1’s Pro Coil System with the “C” style spring if they meet the weight requirements, are big block equipped or are being used in heavy-duty autocross-only situations.

Made in the USA, these 10” conical high travel springs have a 4.10" upper I.D. and a lower I.D. of 2.5” and are manufactured from specially designed high-tensile, chrome silicon alloy spring wire, which allows them to have fewer coils and a smaller wire diameter. As a result, these springs are lighter, reduce unsprung weight and react faster, optimizing suspension performance.

Manufactured using the highest quality materials for strength, consistency and durability, QA1’s springs are lifetime guaranteed to remain within 2% of their original free length under normal operating conditions. Each spring is silver powder coated for longevity and quality appearance.

QA1 also offers high travel springs in rates as low as 250 lbs./in. that are designed specifically for its Pro Coil Systems and offers standard 2 ½” I.D. high travel springs in a wide variety of lengths and rates.