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New Premium Wrench for Easy Closure Nut Removal

December 22, 2016

As part of QA1’s line of circle track accessories for racers and rebuilders, QA1 now offers a two-handled premium closure nut wrench to make it even easier to remove the closure nut from QA1 large and small body shocks.

two-handled closure nut wrench




This wrench is specially designed for removing the closure nut on QA1’s 51, 53, 60, 62, 70 and 82 Series twin tube shocks and 16 Series monotube shocks and is a great addition for anyone that revalves or rebuilds QA1 shocks. While QA1 does offer a standard wrench for simple removal, this new two-handled design provides extra stability and better torque to easily handle those hard-to-remove nuts and to reduce the chances of hands slipping and hitting knuckles.

two-handled closure nut wrench action

The new wrench is 17.25” long and features red aluminum handles for comfort and a zinc plated steel center section with high-strength replaceable dowel pins. Each handle also has a hole in the end to allow the wrench to be hung on a wall.

QA1 offers many other circle track accessories to complement its line of shocks for racing. In addition to the closure nut wrenches, other accessories include the new 35 and 46mm variable linear/digressive pistons, piston rod bullets, shock extensions, bump stops, rebuild kits, spanner wrenches and more.