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Introducing the First and Only On-the-Car Revalveable Shock:  QA1 MOD™ Series

October 22, 2018

Designed specifically to meet the demands required by today’s high performance drag race and handling/pro-touring cars, QA1’s new multi-patent-pending MOD™ Series shock can be completely revalved in minutes while remaining on the car, saving racers time and money.

The key element to this tunability is QuickTune™ Technology – dry modular valve packs that can easily be swapped out, all while the shock remains on the car. An industry first, the MOD™ Series shock can quickly and easily be revalved without interrupting the oil path or opening the shock up for debris and air contamination. 

Modular Valve PacksExternal CanisterPrecision Tunability

The valve packs, available in multiple force curves to suit all track conditions and racing formats, are like holding finely tuned shock absorbers in the palm of your hand. Never before could you change the valving characteristics this much without completely disassembling the shock. 

Once the desired valving is in place, the unique double adjustable design, with adjustable low-speed bleed, allows for fully independent control over the compression and rebound characteristics. With all these adjustability options, the MOD™ Series shock achieves an expansive force curve capability and an unprecedented level of tunability.

The shock also features mounting adjustability to accommodate a variety of vehicles and mounting configurations. The nitrogen-charged canister is available in a piggyback or remote configuration for ease of installation in tight areas, and the base eyelet is indexable, so you can unbolt it and reattach it at the angle you need for the best shock and canister placement. 

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