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Engine Swap Components for Mustang K-Members

January 19, 2018

QA1 has released new components that allow owners of 1979-2004 Mustangs to use the engine of their choice while still enjoying the significant weight savings of a QA1 K-member. The new interchangeable engine mounts and transmission crossmembers are available for purchase as part of the K-member or as separate components in the case of an engine swap.

Mustang K-Member with LSX MountsCompatible with many popular engines and transmissions, these engine mounts and crossmembers are designed specifically for QA1 K-members and provide interchangeability between various Ford and Chevy engine and transmissions, with more options planned for release throughout 2018. QA1 K-members can also be purchased without mounts for those hardcore racers who want to use a motorplate rather than traditional engine mounts.

Mustang GM Conversion Crossmember

“Times have changed, and people are making more modifications than ever before on their Fox body and SN95 Mustangs,” says Dave Goldie, QA1 Street Performance and Racing Product Manager. “We wanted to make engine swaps easy. These bolt-on components accommodate the most popular engine and transmission configurations, so if you change your setup, you can just buy the engine mount and related crossmember you need instead of purchasing an entirely new K-member.”

LSX Engine Mounts

The engine mounts and crossmembers are made of high quality steel for strength, then powder coated for durability and corrosion resistance. Crossmembers also include a polyurethane transmission mount. The QA1 K-members these are designed for are offer a significant 50% weight reduction over stock and are ideal for street performance, autocrossing, pro touring, or drag racing.

All QA1 K-members, engine mounts, and transmission crossmembers are made in-house in QA1’s Lakeville, MN facility.